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What is warehouse refrigeration and the reasons you don’t need one!

We all are dearly familiar with refrigerators. After all, they store our delicacies and help us eat them when we crave. And they are the supermachines behind those smiles of those addicted to ice-creams. But have you ever wondered what would you need when required to store big amounts of vegetables or fruits? Really big amount! This question was the reason that the Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne industry made warehouse refrigeration systems. This system in totality is called cold storage.

A warehouse refrigerator or cold storage simply is a big warehouse that keeps the big quantities of food items under the desired temperature. These warehouses are not just used to store food items that are sensitive to temperature but any item storable under the temperature that cold storages provide. This prevents decay.

How does cold storage work?

The mechanism is very similar to simple refrigeration – it requires an air-tight chamber (which is a warehouse) and the cooling system. The warehouse gets converted into airtight chambers. This commercial refrigeration (Melbourne) system usually requires these things:

  • A compressor.
  • A condenser.
  • A receiver.
  • An expansion valve.
  • An evaporator.
  • Blowers.

The mechanism is simple: Compressor compresses the refrigerant, condenser liquefies it, then it is passed through an expansion valve to decrease its pressure and temperature, from there it is passed through the space that requires refrigeration, and there the blowers circulate that chilled air through the items.

Do you need a warehouse refrigeration system?

Cold storage systems are expensive and this is what makes people to think about it. But a growing business, just like a growing child, demands money to grow further. If the demands of business get unmet, it usually comes fatal to its balance sheet. The only time when you don’t need a cold storage is when you don’t have enough items and you can outsource the cold storage, or if you have a cold storage and it somehow handles your demands. Other than this a cold storage comes vital. Here are few benefits of opting for a cold storage:

  • It can handle a wide variety of items from candles, films, fruits, vegetables, plants, cosmetics, to medicines. Things like candles when stored in large volumes can lead to temperature higher enough to disrupt their shapes. A large number of medicines can lose their efficacy when not stored under the required temperature. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, we all know how prone they are to the decay. Industrial refrigeration systems now are apt to handle different sorts of products.
  • You can install them according to the space you need. The technology has provided the flexibility and now it is possible to manipulate the temperature required too alongside the space you need for cold storage.
  • It saves money indirectly and lead to a better brand value. Not only does a Commercial refrigeration (Melbourne) saves the food from decaying and thus saving huge costs to the company, it also saves its brand value. Sometimes the company thinks that food is fine for the sale, but it stays in the process of rotting down. When customers receive a rotten product, their brain feeds displeasure and they deny the product next time. It leads to a fall of the company’s value and its demand in the market.

The Industrial refrigeration systems are helping companies now more than ever. The technology has also made it possible for them to consume lower amounts of bills and more efficient refrigeration alongside. Consider a cold storage if you are seeing a surge in demand and you think it is going to stay so for long often to think of outsourcing the storage.

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