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Things To Know About Condominium Fee

Condominium fees guarantee the maintenance and defrayment of building expenses. Condominiums have to share expenses, condominium fees. These values ​​are calculated according to the number of apartments, size, and, mainly, the usual monthly expenses for maintaining the services that each type of condominium offers. The condominium fee includes the amounts of ordinary expenses for each building. 

Residential condominiums are practically partnerships, a communion of interests of the property owners. Several expenses will depend on the condominiums like in Khlong San condo (คอนโด คลองสาน which is the term in Thai), if they have leisure areas, swimming pools, gym, ballrooms, sports courts, elevators, and many other things that make them a little costly to the owners’ pockets.

The condominium fee is the amount used to pay employee expenses (cleaners, janitors, and janitor), extra staff expenses (snollers for employees who go on vacation or substitutes), water expenses (since the clock is individual), electricity from all common areas (entrance hall, garages, elevators, corridors, leisure areas, alarms, emergency lights, and others), monthly expenses for maintenance of elevators, purchase of supplies such as cleaning material, uniforms, equipment, cleaning material and pool maintenance and others, expenses with monthly maintenance and many other expenses that are paid month by month. 

Also included are the various taxes paid by condominiums, such as labor rights. In this condominium, the services of a condominium administrator and the manager’s fees are also paid.

Extra Fees In The Condominium

The condominium fee for the buildings also has additional values, such as the monthly purchase and individual consumption of cooking gas – the gas is read and charged in the condominium fee as an extra. In some condominiums with individual water metering, they send the consumer’s water bill from their apartment directly to the consumer. Still, the condominium also uses water for common areas, which is charged as an ordinary expense.


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