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Which Is The Right Bed For Your Bedroom?

A good bed has a lot of influence on your life. After all, it is the bed that determines whether you get a good night’s sleep each night, and sleep is essential for a person to function at their optimal best. No wonder so much emphasis is placed on choosing the right bed and mattress. With so many variants in the market, making a decision is no easy job. Fortunately, this article has a couple of tips that will come in handy when it’s time for you to buy a bed online or offline.

Measure Your Bedroom

While getting the biggest bed available might seem like a great idea, it also depends on the size of your bedroom. The general rule of thumb when it comes to buying a new bed is to pick one that leaves enough walking space in your bedroom. A large bed will seem bulky and make the room feel overcrowded. Ideally, the bedroom needs to be a calm and peaceful room that helps you wind down each night. Measuring your bedroom is advised to ensure that you get a Wakefit bed that accommodates the space available and fits in easily through the bedroom door. Having to return a bed because it didn’t fit through the door is not a fun experience. Another key point to remember while measuring your room for a new bed is to ensure that there will be enough space to open wardrobe doors or drawers once the new bed is in place.

Picking A Bed Style

The bedroom is a private sanctuary where you get to stay each night, safe from the many troubles that the outside world places on your shoulders. This is why you need to pick a style that suits your taste and preferences. Some of the trending bedroom styles include traditional, transitional, modern, and vintage. You can also opt for a theme while deciding on a bedroom style. Picking out a style makes it a lot easier to pick out the remaining furniture for your bedroom.

Multi-functional Bed                        

Multi-functional beds are growing in popularity each year. They offer additional storage space underneath the bed. This space is often underutilised in traditional beds and is not easily accessible. However, multifunctional beds are designed to make it easier to access this space, allowing you to store anything you want. The Andromeda Sheesham wood bed from Wakefit is an excellent example of how the underneath space has been put to good use. In most cases, people prefer to store seasonal clothing, additional blankets, bed linens, towels, and so on in the additional storage area. You can choose to store anything you wish, making it a great place to hide clutter away as well. If you want to keep your room decluttered and tidy, checking out for the best storage wooden beds is a good idea.

Material Of The Bed

Beds are made from several different materials like wood, wrought iron and steel, MDF, plywood, etc. Metal beds are considerably priced lower; however, they lack in style and elegance. Fortunately, wooden beds are highly durable and are also aesthetically pleasing. Wooden beds also come in different price ranges depending on the type of wood used. While teak was one of the most preferred types of wood for making furniture, Sheesham wood is another top contender. It is resistant to pest attacks and can withstand warping, making it a great choice for furniture.

Deciding On A Budget

Another key factor to consider while you go bed hunting is the budget. The price for a new bed depends on many variables like the size of the bed, the material used to make it, etc. You can get a better discount on a bed you like by buying it online as well. This is because online sellers save a lot of overhead, and they pass this on to their customers, aka you. So you get to save more money when you buy a new bed online. So the next time you want to buy a new Sheesham wood bed, head to the websites of reliable sellers. You can also wait for sale season to roll around if you can wait a bit longer for your new bed. 

Picking A Mattress

Once you have the beds picked out, the next step is to find an ideal mattress. While you may be tempted to go for an ultra-soft mattress, keep in mind that it will not provide enough support to your back. It will also probably start sagging sooner than you expect. A better choice would be opting for a medium-firm mattress. This will offer ample comfort without skimping out on support for your back. These types of beds are designed to support your spinal cord so that you wake up each morning without any back pain or ache.

Picking Out Pillows

The ideal pillows are those that fill the gap between your neck and the mattress perfectly. Anything lower or higher will most probably result in a neck cramp and really bad sleep throughout the night. If you cannot decide when it comes to pillows, you can always try pillows that allow you to choose how much stuffing goes inside. This will enable you to build a pillow that suits your requirements. This is an excellent way to create an ideal pillow on your own.

Picking Out Bed Linens

Whenever you set out to buy new bed linens, always choose organic or natural fibres. These are built to allow free passage of air, keeping you cool through the night. While Egyptian cotton is the best in the market, it can be priced a bit higher. Any cotton bedsheet with a thread count higher than 200 is deemed to be fine by the experts.

It doesn’t matter if you buy a teak wood bed or a metal bed; the comfort and peace it offers you are all that matters. So take your time and go through all the available options to make your decision. After all, a bed is the primary piece of furniture in every bedroom.


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