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Install LED bulb at your home to move towards a greener world

Led which stands for light emitting diode is one of the most revolutionary technologies pit forward by modern scientists. Led technology not only helps with energy efficiency but it has less carbon footprint if compared to ordinary lighting products. Led technology is developed in such a way that it enables people to help with their electricity consumption tensions. If you install Led lamp ( โคม ไฟ led , which is the term in Thai) in your home you can be sure to get a much lower electricity bill from the beginning. Now you may be thinking is only electricity consumption what led technology has to offer.

How Thinklite is Changing the led business in Thailand?

Thinklite has developed one of the most sophisticated yet high quality LED bulb and tubes for Thailand’s market. Thinklite has teamed up with some of the top German companies and Samsung’s research and development department to develop new A1 LED circuit chip, which helps in reducing the damages due to overheating problems. Then there are other secure aspects to the new LED lamps as well. Like for example the input current moves straight pass the bulb circuit making it much more efficient. Then the bulbs are built in such a way that the intensity of light decreases by only 10% over the first 5 years itself. So with the LED lamps from Thinklite you get a great quality intense light along with great shelf life and also overall lifespan.

Get the best quality LED products from Thinklite

Thinklite has also launched its new Factory lamp (โคม ไฟ โรงงาน, which is the term in Thai). The new LED factory lamp is made up of high quality durable material thus the lifespan of the product increases automatically. The light can be installed on the ceiling. Or the light can be adjusted at an angle as per the customer’s convenience. The new factory bulb helps the customers because it provides over 150 lumens per Watt of light intensity during the first five years and after five years the intensity only decreases by ten percent only. So if you are in Thailand and want to get the best quality LED light products then make sure you get it from Thinklite.

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