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What to choose: swivel or static chairs?

Humanity has always look for ways which have made their life easier. From the very first invention of history till date we are always keen to invent new things. One of such invention is Swivel chairs [เก้าอี้ หมุน, which is the term in Thai] which is now been widely used in workplaces. Many people ask this question whether they choose swivel or static chairs. The swivel chair is an upgraded version of a static chair. The major difference between them is, the swivel chair is able to move easily which helps the employees to communicate freely among each other.

On the other hand, a static chair does not have the ability to move rather than just stick to one place. In the past, people had no idea about swivel chairs and they usually work upon static chairs. The use of static chairs causes a health risk to employees such as back and shoulder pain. Employees also reported that they feel uncomfortable and demotivated at work. To solve the problem swivel chairs were introduced in the workplace. Swivel chairs not only help the employees in improving productivity at work but it also provided major health benefits as well. There is a major difference between the swivel and static chairs in terms of adjustability, efficiency, and ease of movement. There is no doubt that swivel chair has made life easier and will continue to do so.

How swivel chairs have the upper hand over static chairs:

As mentioned above swivel chairs are being more preferred than static chairs. It normally depends on 3 factors which are:

  • The ability to Adjust:

Swivel chairs can be easily adjustable than static chairs as it does not provide any room to adjust. Swivel chairs can be easily adjusted according to your height.

  • Ease of movement:

Swivel chairs have wheels on them which help them to move freely anywhere. These chairs can rotate at 360 degrees which gives them an upper hand over static chairs.

  • Increased efficiency:

As compared to static chairs, swivel chairs help to save time which increases efficiency.

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