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Enable effective division of documents with document cabinet

A document cabinet is also known as filing cabinet is office furniture used for storing files and documents. It is a set of drawers or cupboards that are used for housing documents. The document cabinet can be vertical or horizontal. Document cabinets can be fixed or temporary depending upon the needs of the office. There are variety of document cabinets that are available in the market with unique designs and styles. Document cabinet [ตู้ เก็บ เอกสาร, which is the term in Thai] allows easy access to business records in times of need. It also helps to increase the productivity of the employee as the documents are readily available for use.

Different types of filing system

  • Alphabetical filing system: Alphabetical filing system is a traditional and effective way of filing documents. The documents are organized alphabetically which makes it easier to locate documents.
  • Category filing system: This is another of filing documents. Filing is done on the basis of business divisions and functions like production, marketing, finance, etc. You can even sub-divide the categories for easy handling of documents.
  • Numerical filing system: This type of filing system is incorporated in organizations that use numbered documents. The filing of documents is then done numerically. The cabinet must contain the sequence of documents filed.

Why to opt for a document cabinet system?

Documents are part and parcel of any business organization. You may have an electronic system for data storage but there are certain documents that are documented in physical form. Documents that are needed to be filed are invoices, business incorporation and commencement certificates, audit reports, etc. Cabinets help you to locate documents easily in times of need. It increases the efficiency of the employees as cabinets help to divide the documents that are needed daily with the ones that are needed once in a while.


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