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Why are Pests Invading Homes?

7 Warning Signs of a Pest Invasion You Shouldn't Ignore - Plunkett's Pest  Control

A pest infestation may not mean having a huge number of insects invading your home. When it comes to public safety, the majority of health departments consider even one cockroach a call to action. This is because even on cockroach can compromise the health of a family member with asthma. The difficult thing about pests that commonly invade homes is that they may remain unnoticed until an infestation is happening. So, how exactly an infestation occurs? What are the reasons pests are attracted to homes and what should you do about it? 

Causes of Pest Infestations

Pests are drawn to homes for many reasons such as weather changes, seasonal changes, loss of habitat, and water or food shortages. In a lot of areas where land is converted for residential and business use, natural habits are disappearing. Just like humans, pests need shelter, water, and food. Unfortunately, people’s homes satisfy such needs well. Thus, as the weather changes, food sources have been destroyed or displaced, and water dries up, pests such as ants, rodents, roaches, and termites will be attacking homes. When this happens, it is important to hire Barrier Pest control service. 

What Makes Homes Quite Attractive to Pests

When the weather heats up, an influx of pests around homes will be noticed. Pests invade homes because of the following reasons:

  • Have access to shelter. When it rains or the weather becomes chilly, pests find shelter indoors. They can squeeze through even small holes, crevices, and cracks in the foundation, through plumbing, around doors and windows, as well as through drainpipes and sewer lines. Roaches like to grow families in those cardboard boxes in the garage or attic. Also, rats prefer to use these materials for nesting. Once rodents live in the garage, attic, or inside walls, they attract flies, roaches, and other insects that will feast on rodent droppings. 
  • Availability of food. Rodents can live for months on crumbs on kitchen counters. Dishes and food scraps left in the sink provide a feast for rodents and rodents. 
  • Abundance of water. Standing water, pet water bowls, and water from a leaky faucet are water parks for pests living in homes. Termites may enter a house if there is damp wood that they can chew leading into your house. The majority of insects only need a small amount of water to survive for months. Any unaddressed plumbing issue in homes that leads to water droppings can make homes attractive to pests.
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