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Is steam cleaning an effective method?

steam cleaners [เครื่อง ขัด เงา พื้น, which is the tem in Thai] are being used now a days to clean off the dirt from kitchen and bathroom flooring. This is an effective method to get rid of dirt which are difficult to clean. They are non-toxic and clean your floors without damaging it. Steam cleaning can kill 99.99% of germs from the surfaces. This method is environment and user friendly as well. Steam cleaners can be used on any type of surfaces whether it is tile flooring, kitchen utensils, or bathroom showers. Many people believe that steam cleaning is dangerous but on contrary it is just a myth. Steam cleaning is not dangerous at all in fact it kills all the bacteria and germs which are harmful.

Things to look out for before purchasing steam cleaners:

Steam cleaners are one time investment and it may come at a high cost. This is why you need to select one of the cleaners which is suitable for you. The following are some points which you need to consider before buying a steam cleaner:

  1. Attachments:

Make sure that steam cleaner you are purchasing comes up with several attachments. It will help you to ease your task in less time.

  1. Warm-up time:

Consider looking out for a steam cleaner which takes less time to get heap up. Some steam cleaners take less than minute to get warmed up.

  1. Storage capacity:

Consider buying a steam cleaner which has more capacity to store water. Steam cleaners comes up with water tanks which heat up the water.

  1. Heating capacity:

Steam cleaner tends to heat the water at 200 degree minimum. Consider buying a cleaner which heat the water at 200 degrees or more.

  1. Price:

The higher the price of a steam cleaner the better services and features you will get on it.

What things steam cleaner cannot clean?

Refrain from using steam cleaners on plastic because the heat will going to melt it. Also avoid using it on laminate floors and unsealed floors.

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