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Enhance the ambience and feel of your balcony with right garden

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Living in a condominium community is becoming popular in city life especially among the busy professionals, students, elderly person and small family. Modern condos offer ample of benefits to its residents such as spacious private room, high quality amenities, co-working space, no maintenance headache, great location, etc. Within the last few months due to the coronavirus pandemic there has been a drastic change in the work and social life of the people across the globe. If you have balcony on your condo then you can transform it condo balcony garden (จัด สวน ระเบียง คอน โด ,which is the term in Thai) and can uplift your mood and stay positive in this critical situation.

Things to consider

In today’s age of concrete jungles and virtual interactions a well designed and well maintained balcony garden will give you the feel of nature in their home and will provide access to fresh air. There is no one-size-fit solution for balcony garden hence before starting your balcony garden you have to consider certain aspects such as

  • Determine the space, size and shape of the balcony
  • Check how much sun, heat, wind and cold does your space get
  • Ensure the time and effort you are willing to dedicate to the gardens
  • Easy availability of water
  • Plants you want to grow
  • Your budget

Relive stress

Plants always give positive energy for the mind and soul hence spending time in the balcony garden can enrich your life with positive thoughts, harmony and peace. Either you are working from home or elderly person or a homemaker everyone can get health benefits from balcony garden. Some of the condo balcony garden ideas with which you can instantly impress others are

  • Japanese style
  • Vegetables garden
  • Decorate with flowers
  • vertical garden
  • Minimalist condo garden landscaping
  • Upcycled Garden
  • The Hanging Garden
  • Deck Balcony
  • Rail Garden
  • Rustic Drawer Planters
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