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In your house or your accommodation, you want to change or develop the electrical installation, as part of a partial or complete renovation. This guide to electrical outlets and multimedia outlets can help you in this project. It will allow you, in particular, to choose the electrical outlet models best suited to your needs and tastes, in complete safety.

Differentiate Types Of Sockets

Some electrical appliances are sold with a male plug with 2 metal rods (2P for “2 poles”) or with 3 metal rods (2P + T for “2 poles + earth”). 2P male plug devices can be plugged into all 2P and even 2P + T wall outlets. However, the 2P + E plugs can only be connected to 2P + E wall electrical outlets.

2P + T SOCKET: For Class I Devices

All Class I devices, that is to say, devices that have an exposed or directly accessible metal wall or part (refrigerator, dishwasher, metal lamp or wall light, etc.), must be earthed by the ‘through a 2P + E male plug to reduce the risk of electric shock. They are safe, provided that the installation of the earthing circuit is correctly carried out.

Earthless 2p Sockets: For Class Ii Devices

Low power electrical equipment, such as radios or USB chargers, are sold with 2P power plugs which you can put in a universal travel adapter price (universal travel adapter ราคา which is the term in Thai). These devices are often made of plastic: they do not have any external metallic part, capable of transmitting an electric shock to the user. These devices are called Class II: they have double insulation and are often fitted with 2P plugs without earth.

Wall USB sockets to power or charges your digital devices

Smartphone, tablet, digital music player, bracelet or connected object, camera, these digital devices often need to recharge their batteries thanks to a USB charger that is plugged into an electrical outlet or plug (เต้าเสียบ ปลั๊กไฟ which is the term in Thai). Today, there is a simpler solution: the USB wall outlet. Of course, these USB sockets also allow multimedia equipment to be used while its battery is recharging.

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