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Easy Beach Decor Projects

If you value beach decor you already know might also love decorating your house with fun finds in the beach.

It is simple to have cute products to show in your house utilizing a little creativeness.

Below you’ll find ideas to assist keep you going to place individuals seashells and beach finds to get affordable use!

A Seaside Wreath

Create a pretty beach wreath for your house. Gather your seashells and buy a clear wreath ring and you may make use of the seashells to brighten the wreath. Use dry twigs from outdoors, artificial wheat or thin vegetables and you may arrange your personal wreath.

Think about using pink or blue ribbons and twine it among your seashells for additional charm.

Seashell Frame

You will find loads of shabby frames you are able to get for absolutely nothing at thrift shops and yard sales. Get one that you want and find out potential in and go home. You are able to paint it inside a pretty blue color, aqua or simply plain white-colored. Then decorate it together with your seashell you’ve found from combing the shore.

You can include damaged shells towards the frame too for any collage type feel and look.

Seashell Garden Planter

Turn a classic and worn-out planter into something again by painting it and lining it with a few seashells! Seashells and little pebbles will appear great lining the rim from the pot and may transform it into something interesting to check out inside your garden.

Seashell Ornaments

Looking for a Christmas tree theme this season? Consider with a couple of the old shells, ocean glass or starfish and turning them into Christmas ornaments.

Oscar Jude Thompson: Oscar, a home renovation contractor, shares DIY project guides, renovation tips, and ideas for transforming homes.