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Cable Protection: How To Organize Your Cables

They are different ways to organize and protect your cable from damage using a cable protector. Here are different ways that you can organize your cable and keep a neat environment:

Anti-Tangle Cable Organizer

It happens to you too. You go away for a moment, and when you return your headphones or chargers, as if by magic, they have become tangled and have become a tangled mess. Luckily, all of us who experience this are in luck. These accessories will help you organize your cables and keep them always in place.

Cable Management Clips

They will be your best friends to keep the cables you regularly use in place. By fixing the clips, you don’t worry about getting tangled and taking up too much space. These also have a magnet, so you can adapt them to the cables you need with up to three clips, or you can use the clips separately. Also, if you have any of the clips left over, you can always use them for things like cars or house keys.

Bundle The Cables

One of the best things you can do to organize your cables is to group them (for example, the computer cable, the mouse cable, and the keyboard cable or cables that come out of the same device). With the help of zip ties or tapes, you can keep your cables together so that they take up as little space as possible. You can also use these straps to keep unused cables safely away and make sure they don’t get damaged. We liked these Velcro tapes because they come quite a lot (25. and in different sizes:

Secure The Cables With A LEGO

If you liked the previous idea to hold the cables and keep them organized, you are sure to love this version. And it turns out that the hands of the LEGO figures have the perfect measurement for the cables of the USB chargers. It’s cool. You can fix the dolls on your table and show off an original cable organizer.

Show Off Your Cables

“How? Are you telling me to leave the cables exposed?” you may be wondering. Well, yes, we are telling you exactly that. There are times when the cables have to be seen yes or yes, so we think it is the perfect time to make an original bet and take advantage of them.

Original Cables

If you are a little handyman, you will indeed like this idea. Poke holes in a few pieces of wood and thread them onto your wire like a string of beads. It is an idea that can be super cool for the cable of the living room lamp, for example.

Cable Decorated With Pieces Of Wood

How about? We love it; you know that we are very craftsmen. In case you dare, here you can get a few wooden balls for crafts of different sizes:

Decorate With Vinyl

If the cable is attached to the wall, why not put vinyl covering the cable and the wall? If it is about the children’s room, we give you this idea that we liked very much:


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