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Budget-friendly curtain decor ideas

Designing homes is a tiresome yet rewarding activity. All the hard work spent in sourcing the right materials transform your house into a home and indeed all of it pays off in the end. Appropriately sourced materials lend a comfortable yet chic look to any apartment. Among all furnishings and upholstery, the role of curtains is undeniable. It’s rather safe to say that they are the game changer when chosen properly. Seasons also play a vital role. Additionally, the degree of privacy that the residents need also affects the selection of curtains.
Now let’s see what goes well with each room keeping in mind the budget restraints and according to the latest fashion trends.

Drawing room.
For the drawing-room the most exquisite choice of styling is drapes. Royal blue, gray, coral shades are all in fashion. The use of velvet and silk gives a rich yet subtle look to the room. Embroidered and printed curtains are in fashion and they are ideally priced if you intend to keep the pocket easy.

This room is used after a long busy day for relaxing and sleeping. It’s always a better choice to go for drapes. They can be blacked out to give the utmost privacy and promote good sleep because light doesn’t enter the room. These drapes aren’t expensive and their sheer couplings are also cheap, but they impart a very exclusive look to bedrooms. On top of this, it’s in style to use lighter sheer fabrics in neutral tones. During the daytime, the drapes can be pulled back and the soft neutral sheers will provide much-needed sunlight and fresh air.

Living room.
For the living room, place light color drapes or curtains in summer months and dark colors for cooler months. These techniques heavily influence the insulation of rooms. Fabric choices vary from cotton and linen to keep them under budget-friendly. Celebrities and social media influencers are donning curtains made of animal prints, nature views, and renowned works of artists in their living room. 3D prints are also here to stay, and they can easily be sourced from local markets and used to style living rooms.

Kid’s room.
Kids tend to easily stain walls and curtains with their messy hands and feet. It’s better to place such styling that is easy to clean yet providing them with desired privacy. The best deal for kid’s rooms is to have blinds if they can handle the material because reckless usage may damage them.
Blinds are also available in a variety of materials but it’s advisable to go for bamboo in blinds because they are economically priced and can easily be replaced after getting their life.
It’s also practical to place lightweight curtains because they can be washed and reinstalled. Colors should be bright and bold depicting life and vibrancy in the room.

What comes in kitchens is always carefully thought of. Since a major chunk of the day is spent here it’s vital to style kitchens with materials having sophistication, durability, and practicality. Roman curtains are the best choice in the market nowadays. Roll them up to the desired height and it stays out of sight to give plenty of space and sunlight. Roman curtains too are decently priced, and they are the best bargains keeping in view the practicality they offer.

Home office.
More and more people and organizations are opting for home-based jobs. Also, during the COVID 19 pandemic need of home offices has risen. Styling ideas for home offices are solar shade diffusers, and they are the best buy in a limited budget. They help regulate the room’s temperature and minimize sun glare while you work.

For bathrooms, curtains should be of light and airy fabric. They should have a tendency to resist the development of molds and dry quickly. The temperature is usually humid in bathrooms so styling should be able to combat the persisting humidity. For this purpose, plastic curtains are the ideal choice under a limited budget.

Overall the styling of homes can differ according to one’s own preference and liking and it’s always best to keep one’s budget and personal choices in mind, no matter what the seasonal trends are.


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