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Why pdf format is more superior than word files?

Research says that Adobe’s PDF and Microsoft’s Word doc are the two most popular document file formats. With Adobe’s PDF battling it out against Microsoft’s Word doc looks real. But experts have stated on many occasions that it is better to keep the PDF format instead of word file

That’s why people find it beneficial to use word to pdf software. Where even after you do your work in word format, you can always convert into PDF easily.

The reasons why PDF is better than word-


While Word documents are not without flaws, they do have the advantage of being a little more versatile than PDFs, at least from a particular point of view. Apart from the fact that they are easier for anybody to open and modify, they are also more versatile in terms of how they may be exported.

It would be wise to creating a document in Word and then saving it as a PDF if you are someone who prefers easy and safe file format.


In the matter of PDFs, the most appealing aspects is their ability to display information in an extremely consistent manner across any device or platform. But the medium must have a suitable reader software installed to read the files.

Consequently, whereas Word may struggle to maintain the consistency of a document’s layout according to many researches. Whether viewed across various versions of the program or when opened with a different platform altogether, a document created as a PDF will always maintain its consistency.

Furthermore, since you can utilize a docx to pdf editor to make modifications to documents that have been saved in the aforementioned format, you won’t have to worry about being limited in terms of incorporating changes.

Combining and extracting

PDFs excel at enabling users in the matter of merging multiple different documents into a single file by combining and converting them. It can also do the opposite and extract a single page or portion from an existing bigger document for usage apart from the rest of the document.

It is possible to accomplish the same capability with Word, but it may be more difficult if you are attempting to combine documents that have been saved under various file extensions.

Making a positive first impression

There is a good reason why PDFs are so frequently utilized in the corporate sector. That is their portability and compatibility. These qualities are enhanced even further by their overall professional appearance.

Know that your file will appear precisely the way you want it to, that’s why you can be sure that it will convey the appropriate message to the intended audience of yours. You can use the PDF format while sending invoice, resume, white paper, etc.

You will not be required to make a choice to exclusively utilize doc to pdfformats; nevertheless, it is important to get acquainted with both so that you may put each to use in the situations that are most appropriate and enjoy the advantages that are accessible.

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