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Toilet: Which Model To Choose

Choosing a perfect toilet is not an easy task; it requires more attention than it seems. Especially today, given the diversity of toilet models on offer, it is not always easy to choose. But according to your taste, you will find the ideal toilet that will perfectly suit your needs. However, you will have to take into account several aspects such as the installation of the toilet, the constraints of the room, the type of material used, the expected comfort, the price offered, the design, among others. Here are some important tips to consider when choosing your toilet model.

If You Have Space Constraints

For toilets with limited space, you must choose models that will best suit your space. If a toilet may be difficult to fit, opt for models called “space-saving” such as bowls. These have dimensions adapted to fit in your toilet. If your toilet is in your bathroom, opt for a corner toilet that is much more suitable for your limited space. 

Rather Grinding Toilet Than A Conventional Toilet

Conventional toilets are known for their installation linked to an evacuation of wastewater. This outlet can be vertical or horizontal and must measure 100 mm in diameter. If you find the large diameter and the installation of conventional toilets quite complex, you can look at the model of grinder toilet. The difference is that the grinder toilet has a smaller diameter outlet and requires an electrical connection.

The Suspended Toilets

The model is very popular because it offers a highly aesthetic appearance. It is the trendy hygienic model. The wall-hung toilet is practical because you will only see the bowl that does not touch the floor and the control plate. The rest is invisible, going from the tank to the evacuations. Everything is integrated into a walled support frame. To make it invisible, a wallpaper can camouflage the recess in the wall. You can put tiles or paint your wall. You will find models of a suspended toilet with bowls and sublime control plates for your condo near Chao Phraya River (คอนโด ติดแม่น้ําเจ้าพระยา which is the term in Thai); this is an important asset for buyers. You will have all the pleasure to make the cleaning under your suspended toilet, because very simple.

Oscar Jude Thompson: Oscar, a home renovation contractor, shares DIY project guides, renovation tips, and ideas for transforming homes.