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Learn about top 5 versatile techniques of carpet cleaning

5 versatile carpet cleaning techniques

Clean interiors play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle thus necessitating regular upholstery cleaning. And since carpets cover a major portion of your home it is crucial you get them cleaned timely & appropriately. Availing professional residential carpet cleaning Canberra will not only restore your carpet’s charm and appeal but also improve the air quality and reduce health issues among your family members. Cleaning carpets using the appropriate technique will help prolong their life as well.

To ensure thorough carpet cleaning you must understand the different methods experts employ. In this blog, you will explore 5 versatile carpet cleaning methods experts use to clean & refurbish your carpets. You will find out about the insights of every technique, what to expect, and probably be able to determine which methods best suits your carpet cleaning needs.

Why are there so many methods of cleaning carpets?

Upholstery items come in all shapes & sizes, their fabric is unique and thus it may require unique solutions. Furthermore, every carpet suffers different damages, for instance, one cannot steam clean carpets when they are already damaged due to floodwater. Carpet dry Cleaning Canberra is a much-suited method for cleaning water-damaged carpets. The five most common techniques include:

  1. Hot water extraction
  2. Dry carpet cleaning (absorbent powder method)
  3. Encapsulation technique
  4. Bonneting technique
  5. Shampooing

Although you have a number of options to choose from when it comes to carpet cleaning, not all techniques will work for your carpet type. So continue reading to find out more about these cleaning methods

Top 5 carpet cleaning methods:

Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction often confused with steam cleaning is a similar technique. Hot water extraction involves injecting hot water into the carpets post-vacuuming, application of surfactants, and gentle exfoliation. Followed with rinsing or use of wet vac to extract hot water along with all the dirt & cleaning solution. Later the carpet is dried using professional tools since excessive water is involved in the process. The cleaning can be done within an hour excluding the drying time.

This technique is most favoured by experts as it has multiple benefits to offer. Hot water extraction ensures 100% extermination of microbes settled deep inside the fabric of the carpet. Mould remediation & dust-mite removal becomes easy with this technique. In addition that this technique helps retain the original sheen & soft texture of your carpets. The only drawback involved is that it takes a long time for your carpets to dry after being treated with hot water extraction treatment. So avail this method if you want carpets to be thoroughly sanitized but not during emergencies due to time constraints.

Dry carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning or absorbent compound cleaning technique is mostly favored by professional carpet cleaners during emergencies or for stain removal. In this method, dry powder surfactants are applied to the carpets or a specific affected area like a stain. And although the name suggests carpet dry cleaning Canberra cleaning water in minimal quantities is sprayed to dissolve the powder surfactants into the carpets. It is then gently exfoliated using a mechanized brush and allowed to sit for 15-20 minutes. Once the stain starts to break down or the dirt loses the surface the dry powder along with all grime is extracted using a high suction vacuum wand.

The biggest advantage this technique offers is less drying since very less water is used in the process. Moreover, if the carpet has stains in specific areas only you don’t need to wet the entire carpet for stain removal, simply target the affected area and get rid of those stains with this dry cleaning. However, one must know this technique is not as effective as steam cleaning or hot water extraction method. It may clean the carpet but doesn’t guarantee 100% bacteria extermination or sanitization. 

Encapsulation technique

This is one of the modern advancements in the carpet cleaning industry; it involves the use of synthetic foam detergents and an encapsulation machine to clean carpets. A cleansing solution is applied to carpets and an encapsulation machine is used to exfoliate & extract germs & residues from carpets simultaneously. This method is highly preferred by experts because it leaves no chemical residues making carpets safer for use. Still, the encapsulation technique is not suitable for all situations especially if your carpets are heavily soiled. 

Bonneting technique

Bonnet cleaning mainly focuses on cleaning the surface of the carpet. The bonneting machine comes with a spinning pad that will essentially clean the surface of the carpet. Mainly used for commercial purposes this technique is the fastest carpet cleaning method. Bonneting technique allows commercial spaces and offices to resume their work immediately after the treatment. However, this technique is like a temporary quick fix as soils deeply embedded in carpets’ padding resurface over time. So avail bonneting method if you have an emergency or an impromptu party at your place.


Carpet shampooing is one of the traditional techniques which everyone relied on for heavily soiled carpets. In the process carpets are vacuumed followed by the application of shampoo & exfoliation with a soft brush; later the carpet is rinsed with clean cold water and left to dry on its own. These days’ people use wet vacuum wands to extract moisture post rinsing & shampooing. This technique may be inappropriate to clean delicate carpets or carpets that are stained. And since the shampoo used in the process is ordinary there is a risk of fabric damage. In addition to that if you don’t use a dryer carpets remain moist for a long time which can facilitate microbe development.

What to expect from professionals when they arrive for carpet cleaning?

Some carpet cleaning techniques require heavy-duty machines & equipment which means you will have to hire professionals for the task. Seeking expert assistance for carpet cleaning is the best way to deal with dirty, dull-looking carpets. Here is what you should expect from cleaners when they arrive at your home for Residential carpet cleaning Canberra:

  • They inspect your carpets to determine what method suits your carpet type and then offer a price estimate. A cleaner who doesn’t assess the carpet is probably an amateur.
  • They help move furniture in case you haven’t already done that and also vacuum your carpets before applying any solution or surfactants.
  • They bring high truck mount cleaning tools along particularly for hot water extraction so you will have to make space for parking.
  • Experts use organic chemical blends for safe cleaning.
  • They wait until carpets dry particularly for stain removal treatment since stains reappear post drying
  • They repair carpet holes & re-stretch it if necessary
  • They always allow carpet owners to check carpets post cleaning for their satisfaction
  • They guide you on carpet maintenance post cleaning
  • They take follow-ups regularly to ensure their treatment had a long-lasting impact

Being able to choose the most appropriate technique for carpet cleaning comes with experience & knowledge. This blog will certainly help you decide which treatment is best suitable for your carpets but if you still have doubts call in a professional to guide you. They assess carpets and determine techniques and solutions so your carpets can retain their captivating beauty & compliments your home interior effortlessly.

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