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How to Temporarily Fix a Leaking Flat Roof

If you own a flat roof, you know that leaks can be a common and frustrating problem. While it’s always best to call in a professional to repair the leak, sometimes you need a quick fix to get you through until the repair can be scheduled.

Waterproof Tarps

A good old waterproof tarp is the best temporary solution for a leaky roof. You have to ensure that the tarp covers all areas where the leak is occurring or any visible damage. It also has to be flattened against your roof to prevent water from slipping through. You can use duct tape or nail the edges to secure it so that it doesn’t blow off and cause more damage to your roof.

Tar Paper

To fix a leaky roof, you can also use tar paper or plastic roofing cement. You can use a putty knife or caulk gun to spread the tar paper onto your roof. A lot of hardware stores sell roofing cement. You can add roofing felt to your roof if you are able to find it quickly. This will protect your home from further damage. Roof cement can only temporarily stop a roof leak, and an actual roof repair is required. A roll of black roofing tape with a white background. Temporary fixes for a leaky roof

Patching (or plugging)

Plugging is another option to repair a roof. You can use water and a powder similar to roofing cement to place it on top of the roof leak. The mixture will dry and prevent water from entering. It won’t last very long. You’ll eventually have to go back and repeat the process until a professional roofing company can fix the problem.
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