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Everything you need to know about the Wishbone Dining Chair

Timeless, classic, and graceful, the Wishbone Dining Chair has carved a special niche in the heart of designers and homeowners. If you’re wondering why, here’s your a-to-z guide about the Wishbone Dining Chair and everything you must know about it:

  1. The legacy of Hans J. Wegner


The Wishbone Chair was designed by Hans J. Wegner, who’s a veritable icon in the furniture design world. All of his chairs have a unique identity of their own and are still appreciated by both designers and regular homeowners. Wegner designed the Wishbone Dining Chair in 1949, and suffice to say it was a timeless classic that was way ahead of its time. The chair was manufactured by Carl Hansen & Son in 1950 and was so popular that production has never stopped since. To remain so relevant in contemporary times is a remarkable achievement!

  1. The extensive preparation time


More than 50 years of production means that the Wishbone Dining Chair’s manufacturing process has evolved over time. But, did you know that initially it took around 3 weeks for preparation time to assemble this chair? It consists of just 14 parts, but Hans J. Wegner was such a maestro at what he did that these few parts require a 100 unique steps to be fully assembled in the shape of the Wishbone Dining Chair. Of course, modern technology has make things easier, but imagine the amount of focus and labor needed to assemble these chairs back in the day.

  1. The intense sanding process


The extensive sanding process of the Wishbone Dining Chair manufacturing gives it an extra durable and sturdy quality. The smooth curve of the top of the backrest along with the legs are sanded to get that perfectly meandering shape. The wishbone style Y part is made from sturdy laminated plywood that fits into a hand-carved groove at the back. Even after assembly, the whole chair is sanded once more, and then the seat is hand-woven with more than 12 meters of paper cord.

  1. The evolution in finishes


One of the best selling points of the Wishbone Dining Chair these days is its wide variety of finishes. There are 150 unique colors and finishes that you can buy this chair in, but it wasn’t always so. In fact, this chair was initially only available in very few finishes, but even then, its timeless design was attractive enough to garner a passionate fan base. Today, you can buy this chair in any color that suits your interior designs.

  1. Effortless comfort


Lastly, the Wishbone Dining Chair is an evergreen fan favorite because it is incredibly comfortable to sit on. The handwoven seat provides great balance, relaxation, and tightness with just the right amount of bounce. You’ll love sitting on it and have a great dining experience. The excellent ergonomics promise extra durability and makes this chair a favorite for everyone.

These are some important qualities and facts to know about the Wishbone Dining Chair. We hope they help you understand just how truly iconic and beloved this chair really is.


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