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Are Bamboo Or All About Cork Floors Right For Your House?

If you have made the decision to attempt a remodeling project this season, you may be surprised when the time comes to check out flooring options. The standard carpeting and vinyl options that dominated the marketplace for decades are giving method to an increasing number of eco-friendly materials, for example all about cork floors and bamboo wooden flooring. Produced from renewable sources with limited chemical treatments, these floors promise to provide a cleaner, greener home atmosphere. But will they meet these claims? And therefore are they right for your house?

All About Cork Floors

The final time you sprang a container of champagne, you most likely never imagined the same cork may also be used as a sturdy, eco-friendly flooring. Cork is extremely seem-absorbent and is among the most easy-to-clean kinds of floors available, that makes it well suited for your kitchen, playroom, or family area. It is also a naturally renewable resource produced from the bark from the cork oak, which makes it an all natural, eco-friendly flooring choice.

When you purchase a cork floor, search for the actual factor-steer obvious of merchandise with chemicals added or cork-vinyl composites, that have toxic chemicals. And make certain to pick a sealer having a low-VOC content, to avoid chemical gases from harming the quality of air in your house.

Bamboo Wooden Flooring

Merely a standard feature of panda bears, bamboo is rapidly becoming probably the most popular eco-friendly flooring choices. Although it’s the world’s largest grass, don’t be misled-bamboo floors are harder than red oak or walnut and can last 30-50 years. This durability, plus a clean, elegant look, makes bamboo a great option for any room. Bamboo is really a renewable, biodegradable resource and it is one of the couple of flooring types that need minimal modification in manufacture.

When choosing a bamboo floor, search for a glue without chemicals, a toxic chemical. And make certain to inquire about the installer to conduct just as much sawing and sanding as you possibly can outdoors of the house to safeguard your indoor quality of air.

Oscar Jude Thompson: Oscar, a home renovation contractor, shares DIY project guides, renovation tips, and ideas for transforming homes.