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Bakeless Tahini Fudge Squares

This is basically just a re-posting from (never home) maker, a blog that I recently became obsessed with.  I know I need to try out a recipe if I see it on a blog and can’t stop thinking about it days later. This is one of those recipes.

…oh yea, and I’m obsessed with no-cook desserts. You could probably tell from my Best Dessert Ever.

Tahini Fudge Squares by (Never Home) Maker

All you need:
Rolled oats
Shredded coconut
Coconut oil (I used Kelapo)
Chocolate chips
Maple Syrup

The recipe called to melt the chocolate oil and tahini together in the microwave. We don’t own a microwave, so I had to do it the old-fashioned way; a double boiler on the stove!

double boiler = 1 sauce pan with a couple of inches of boiling water & a glass bowl on top full of whatever you want to melt!

It only took a couple of minutes for this

to turn into this

to turn into this!

Then, you need to blend the dry ingredients together (I used a blender instead of the recommended food processor, and it worked out fine)

Add chocolate mixture to dry ingredients

mix by hand

press into lined baking pan

Then chill until firm.

They don’t look like much (at least when I take a picture of them!) but they are delicious!


Best. Dessert. Ever.

After that way too complicated Cranberry Upside Down Cake ,  I really needed a break from all that mixing, simmering, and baking! This recipe is definitely the easiest AND most delicious dessert that I know how to make. That, combined with the small amount of ingredients, may make it the best dessert ever.

Raw Walnut & Date Balls

2 c. medjool dates, pitted
1.5 c. walnuts (you could really use any nut you have!)
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
1/2 c. oats

1. Get out your food processor and process the walnuts until they are the consistency of a flour (it is ok to leave some larger chunks of nuts) then place in an medium-sized bowl.

2. Place dates, vanilla and cocoa powder in the food processor. Process until everything is well mixed.
3. Add the date mix in with the walnuts and use your hands to combine all the ingredients together.
4. Roll into ping pong-sized balls.
5. If you want to add a little color contrast and crunchy texture, roll the balls in whole oats (they should stick right on the outside).


…Not the most photogenic thing I’ve ever made, but they make up for it in taste! Enjoy!

Do you have an easy dessert recipe?