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Southern Cookin’

Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites is one of my all time favorite cookbooks. I love it because it’s huge (465 pages!) and full of delicious, simple, and healthy dishes. Every time I flip through, I always find a recipe that I’ve never before noticed and looks so delicious that I immediately have to try it!

Savannah Beans and Greens is one of those recipes.  This is the closest recipe online that I could find to Moosewood’s version. There are a few differences, but the heart of the dish is still there.

Of course, I added a little more spice.

Layers of the dish: black eyed peas, green chilies, tomatoes, and a lot of greens.

You definitely have to eat this with cornbread! My recipe is from Christina Pirello’s book Cooking the Whole Foods Way (another of my favorite cookbooks!). All of Christina’s recipes are on her website; you can read the cornbread recipe here.

Finished product, topped with bacon (highly suggest doing this)!