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How to: Roast a Pepper

**WARNING** This post contains images that may be disturbing to people without access to a gas stove.

I have to give credit to my husband for this “how to” – I have always liked roasted peppers, but never thought about making my own until he taught me this trick. It is the easiest way to cook a pepper and it brings a ridiculous amount of flavor to the table.

as many peppers as you care to eat!

1. Turn flame on to medium-high. Place a washed and well dried pepper right on top. Trust the process…’s not going to burn more than you want it to!

2. Let the pepper char on one side, and then rotate to another side.

3. Repeat until the entire pepper is charred (a few patches of non-burned skin is ok – it will taste the same)

4. Let the pepper cook on your cutting board for a few minutes.

5. Use the back of a spoon to gently scrape the char off the sides of the pepper.

6. Use a sharp knife to cut out the stem and seeds (like a pumpkin).

7. Slice & serve!

The husband likes roasted pepper so much, that I can cook dishes I know that he won’t be thrilled with, slap a roasted pepper on the side, and he’ll think it’s the most amazing meal he’s ever had. Easy to please, or easy to trick? I’ll let you decide ; )

What’s your favorite way to add big flavor to your meals?