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Building an ADU – The Pros and Cons

ADUs or accessory dwelling units are taking the San Jose area by storm, and Action ADU has taken pride in being able to quickly build and prep ADUs in the area and are ready to tackle your next project! If you’re thinking about building an ADU though you might be concerned about them, what kind of cost will you be looking at, do ADU projects usually go well, and what are you even going to use your ADU for?

Uses of ADUs

ADUs are used for a wide variety of purposes, but the most common uses for them are either small single-family homes or remote work environments. ADUs can be built to accommodate every need a small family has, from bedrooms, bathrooms, a living and kitchen area, and more. You can also opt to use your ADU as a remote working environment instead. Having a remote job is a part of job negotiation these days and making sure you have an environment away from the house to help keep your work life, and daily life balanced is essential for your physical and emotional health. ADUs help separate work-life balance and can give you a great starter home if you’re just getting on your feet.


The cost of ADUs is where many people shy away from building them. Between 150 and 300 dollars a square foot, when finished, these small homes and offices can come in at a steep price. These prices, of course, will depend on the size and additions you may want in your ADU. So a small home is going to be far more expensive than a remote working environment may be. This is going to sway a lot of people’s decisions as well, but if you would like an ADU, you can reach out to a local lender and finance one for sure.


ADUs from Action ADU is built to last and are built with security in mind. We use high-quality ingredients and our years of craftsmanship skills to build the best ADU for you. Regardless of what you want and ADU for, we’ve got your back. From family homes to remote offices and so much more. All of our ADUs, when finished, is clean and complete, from the siding to the paint, and we take pride in the hard work we put into every single one of our projects. Our professional builders make sure everything is as clean and well built as possible, so you can rest easy knowing your ADU is safe.

If you’re looking for an ADU in the San Jose area, Action ADU might be able to help! We have helped homeowners all over the area build their ADUs for both family dwellings and remote office environments, making us a fantastic choice for homeowners in the area. If you’re looking to get an ADU built, regardless of why you want it built, feel free to reach out to us today to set up an appointment!

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