Rainy Sunday Morning Pancakes

What is better on a rainy Sunday morning than homemade pancakes?

I woke up this morning wanting to cook a lovely breakfast. While sipping on coffee, I flipped through a few cookbooks for inspiration. I found dozens of delicious sounding egg dishes and complicated pastry recipes and was practically drooling after five minutes. Unfortunately,  we lacked at least two key ingredients from every recipe, but I was not about to run to the corner store in the pouring rain to get heavy cream, ricotta cheese, or swiss chard!

After almost all hope was lost, I stumbled on this simple and wonderful pancake recipe. Mississippi Pancakes, from one of my favorite cookbooks, Amanda Hesser’s The Essential New York Times Cookbook.

The recipe is just about as simple as using a boxed pancake mix, but the results are ten times better. I think it has something to do with the melted butter added right into the batter.

Light, fluffy, golden brown, delicious!

My favorite topping for pancakes is a simple fruit “compote” without any added sugar. All you do is heat a cup of frozen fruit (I used a blueberry/raspberry/blackberry mix) over very low heat until the fruit is defrosted and resembles a watery jam.

I will definitely be making these again very soon!



What’s your favorite lazy Sunday breakfast?


6 responses to “Rainy Sunday Morning Pancakes

  1. A couple of other good things to try is putting applesauce into the batter or cutting out sweet things and putting potatoes that you have grated, then using cream of mushroom soup as a type of garnish.

  2. Nothing beats Sunday morning pancakes – except maybe Saturday morning pancakes (but just by a day!) Your are so beautiful and perfect. Love your blog!

  3. Thanks Christy! I haven’t had pancakes in so long before this. They really hit the spot!

  4. Those pancakes look fantastic. I think the compote is my favorite addition.

  5. I just love breakfast. I eat breakfast for dinner all the time. Great post. Great pictures. Can’t wait to find time to try these!

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