Our First CSA!

I have dreamed about this day for a while now. I started thinking about joining a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture late last fall, just as the growing season was coming to a close. Since it was too late to participate at the time, I had to put the idea on the back burner.

Just as I got the itch to really start researching my local CSA farms at the beginning of this year, my brother and his girlfriend surprised me  for my birthday with my very own half share at Katchki Farm! Even back in February, I knew that this would be the BEST present I’ve ever received. Seriously, what could be better than organic, locally grown vegetables every week from now until the end of November?! Talk about the gift that keeps giving!

I anxiously waited for 16 long weeks until last night, when Lindi came home from work after picking up our share. Since it is very early in the season, I didn’t expect much. I know that shares get more plentiful during the height of the season, so I thought that we might just get a couple of heads of lettuce and some green onions. We actually did get that, plus much more! Check out the loot:

This picture doesn’t really do the share justice, these are BIG bunches of greens!

Our half share came with:
1 lb(? ) mixed salad greens
1 head arugula (I’ve never actually seen arugula still whole!)
1 bunch kale
1 bunch basil
1 bunch scallions
2 (DELICIOUS) tomatoes
5 garlic scapes (which I have never seen at all before)

isn’t the garlic cute?

We celebrated the greens with a simple salad involving everything except the kale. Dressed with a little evoo and a squeeze of a fresh lemon.

With a little bread and homemade sausage on the side, it was the perfect dinner.

To research CSAs in your area, I suggest looking at Just Food.org!


One response to “Our First CSA!

  1. Adorable scamps…er, scapes! 😀

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