Culinary Adventures in Kosovo: Part III

After Dhermi, on the way back to Gjakova (Lindi’s home town), we stopped in the old city of Prizren to have dinner.

I instantly fell in love. Quaint cobblestone streets, red clay roofs, hundreds of outdoor cafes and a little river running right through the center of town. Romantic and historic all rolled into one.

We hiked up to the old fortress overlooking the town, whose origins date back to 5th century BC, and took in the breathtaking views.

After exploring the fortress a bit,  we walked in and out of the small cobblestone streets that decorate the town below.

We worked up an appetite, and soon Lindi sat us down at Te Syla, a local restaurant famous for their grilled meats.

We grabbed a prime table right next to the river and drooled over the multi-paged menu.

Lindi suggested that we order the two most sought after dishes; Çebap and Pleskavicë e mbushur . Çebap are little sausage fingers….simple but perfect.

The Pleskavicë e mbushur was crazy delicious, I mean I think it was the best meal I’ve ever had. No exaggeration whatsoever (I actually feel like I’m understating)!

The only way I know how to describe the basic layout of the dish (I was sitting there trying to figure out how to make it!) is to say that it was like a omelet made out of grilled ground meat, STUFFED with mouth watering cheese. The magic of the meal surely rests in the secret recipe that has been handed down by many many generations. If you ever find yourself in Kosovo, you are crazy if you do not seek out Te Syla and have a meal there!

Oh wow! I wish I could have given each an every one of you a bite of this meal. Perfection!

…and to think I used to be a vegetarian!

Our grill master (I want to give him a bear hug):

A lovely city with lovely food…what more could you ask?



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