How to: Buy Feta In Bulk

In my house, we’re BIG feta eaters. I blame it on my husband’s Mediterranean background, but honestly, I think we were just both born cheese fanatics. He prefers the stinky variety (blue, or anything really aged) while I’m more drawn to sharp, but subtle flavors. Feta is where we meet in the middle….when in doubt, cover it in feta.

Burned the toast? Cover in feta. Made a lovely salad? Cover it in feta. Eating a $12 steak? Cover it in feta (I kid, I kid).

Anyway, I find it’s hard to find a good feta that isn’t ridiculously expensive. So, when we joined Costco last summer, I was so excited to find a HUGE brick of feta (of a brand that I love) for only $8. It was great, but the problem was, what do you do so that your crazy amount of cheese doesn’t dry up before you eat it?

Answer: Mason jars, water, and a sprinkle of salt.

The cheese keeps forever, or at least a few months…because we eat it so that fast. Don’t judge me, my husband is Mediterranean ; )

All you need to do is break up the cheese in large chunks and distribute within a few jars. Cover the cheese with cold water and sprinkle in a dash or salt.


2 responses to “How to: Buy Feta In Bulk

  1. And store in the fridge, I assume?

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