A Homemade Indian Feast, Part II

The Chana Masala last night was so tasty (and we had so many leftovers!) that I decided to make some garlic naan for round II tonight. I’m not a huge baker, so I followed this recipe because it seemed fairly easy to follow. Basically, the steps go a little like this:

1. Activate your yeast (put yeast, warm water & sugar in a bowl together and let it sit for 10 minutes).

2. Mix yeast and all other ingredients together. Kneed for 7 minutes then place the dough somewhere warm under a wet rag and let rise for about an hour. I like to turn my oven on “warm” and set the bowl of dough on the range.

3. After an hour, it should have doubled in size and look like this:

4.  Fold in some minced garlic then divide the dough and roll into balls about the size of a golf ball.  Again, place them in a warm place and let rise for 30 minutes.

5. Until they double in size and look like this:

Getting hungry yet?
6. Roll the individual balls into flat circles on a floured surface.

7. Now is the fun part; brush one side of the dough with melted butter (I recommend adding a little garlic powder to the butter for a delicious boost in garlic flavor) and place face down on a skillet. I used my grill pan ❤

8. Cover the pan and let the dough sit for a couple of minutes. The bread should get nice and bubbly:

8. Butter the second side of the dough and flip to continue cooking. This is why I love the grill pan:

….grill marks make everything taste better!

9. Eat!

This naan is delightful hot and straight off the grill or cold as leftovers. The husband sliced one in half and used it as a replacement to English muffins in a morning egg sandwich…he was delighted with the results!

Do you bake? What’s your favorite bread recipe?



2 responses to “A Homemade Indian Feast, Part II

  1. I’ve always wanted to try making naan, and I love garlic, so now I really want to try this recipe!

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